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FLoM by examples

Have you already installed FLoM? (See installation otherwise…)

Now you are ready to try some use cases related to FLoM local usage:

FLoM can be used also in a distributed environment: the same synchronization features are available inside a single system and through a network (LAN, MAN, WAN and Internet).
You may deep into some distributed features of FLoM or you can jump directly to use cases:

FLoM provides numeric resources useful to limit the number of concurrent processes at a desired value:

FLoM provides resource sets useful to exclusively access to a set of named resources:

FLoM provides hierarchical resources useful to model filesystem objects (files and directorories) and/or scenarios where you have to deal with an object hierarchy:

  • hierarchical resources, simple file usage: Use Case 14
  • hierarchical resources, hierarchical locks: Use Case 15

FLoM provides “future events” useful to model synchronization with task that can start in the future:

FLoM provides sequence resources useful to synchronize and to get a unique sequence number with the same atomic operation:

FLoM provides timestamp resources useful to synchronize and to get a distinct timestamp with the same atomic operation: